» Serf Info

Command: serf info

The serf info command outputs the various debugging information that can be used by operators. It also provides the agent's local name, and currently set tags. It can be used as a way to gain more insight into the state of the local agent.

» Usage

Usage: serf info [options]

The command-line flags are all optional. The list of available flags are:

  • -format - Controls the output format. Supports text and json. The default format is text.

  • -rpc-addr - Address to the RPC server of the agent you want to contact to send this command. If this isn't specified, the command will contact "" which is the default RPC address of a Serf agent. This option can also be controlled using the SERF_RPC_ADDR environment variable.

  • -rpc-auth - Optional RPC auth token. If the agent is configured to use an auth token, then this must be provided or the agent will refuse the command. This option can also be controlled using the SERF_RPC_AUTH environment variable.